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Bylaws, Rules and Guidelines


For a full 7-page copy of the Sebastian River Art Club By-laws, please stop by the Club office at 1245 Main Street, Sebastian, Tuesday or Thursday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Art By The River Show Rules

Some Rules below apply to outdoor tent shows, and are indicated by an asterisk (*).

1.  Prospective Members must attend a business meeting to join the Club.  An exhibitor must be a member one month prior to exhibiting.  All exhibitors must attend at least three (3) Business Meetings between September and May to maintain good standing, or join the Club under the Associate Member category.

2.  To qualify as an exhibitor, 3 or 4 examples of your work must be submitted to the appointed Judging Committee for review at a monthly Business Meeting.  You will be notified of acceptance or rejection.  If accepted, work displayed at shows must be of a similar quality.

3.  Good quality artwork in any medium is acceptable.  Notepaper and greeting cards of the artist's original or reproduced work are permissible to sell at our Art By The River at Riverside Park shows.  Work must be sold on a "stand-alone" basis; however miniatures combined with a professional-type easel are permissible.

a)  Paintings are to be framed properly and be in new condition.  Gallery-wrapped or box-wrapped canvases, with staples on the backside only, will be accepted, with minimum 3/4" depth which should be painted on all sides.

b)  If a commercial metal or wood holder is not furnished with your frame, use screw eyes or D-rings and braided lead wire in your framing.  No saw-toothed hangers, other than on miniatures, are permitted.  Screw eyes or D-rings must be affixed onto the frame, not to the backing or stretcher bars, unless it is gallery-wrappe. 

c)  Artwork to be judged must have been created within the past 3 years.

4.  Only original artwork may be displayed on display rack(s).  Giclee and other types of prints must be labeled as such, and kept on a separate rack, clearly marked.  Unframed original matted artwork and unframed canvas artwork must be shown in a browse box at ABTR.  Number of prints in browse box may not exceed the number of framed works displayed on racks.

5.  *By request of the City of Sebastian, art shown in Riverview Park shall be by Club Members only.

6.  Exhibiting members must maintain good standing in the Club, having dues paid and adhering to the rules.

7.  *Displays shall not be allowed next to entrance walkways, nor shall benches be used for display purposes.  Gazebos are for Public use, NOT for show exhibitors.

8.  *Spaces approximately 12 feet will be utilized.  Members are to set up their display within this space.  A setback of four (4) feet shall be left from the edge of the sidewalk.  Space allotted is on a first-come basis.

9.  No MARKED DOWN prices or SALE signs will be permitted.

10.  Members must display NAME TAG and be properly attired.  (Shirt and shoes required)

11.  All exhibitors are expected to be present for advertised hours of the show.  Early takedown is forbidden, except for inclement weather or extreme emergency.

12.  Before leaving the show, exhibitors will turn in their envelope to the Treasurer with the 10% commission donation.  If no sale is made, a "0" or "nil" report is required.  Please come prepared to make exact change, to the nearest dollar, for the commission envelope.

13.  *Exhibitors are responsible for maintaining the tidiness of their area during and after the show.  PLEASE LEAVE THE PARK CLEAN.  Trash or debris left behind could cause us to lose our deposit and jeopardize our privilege to show in the Park.


15.  *All exhibits must be set up by 10 AM.  Vehicles are NOT permitted in the park.  Wagons will be provided by the City for loading and unloading.

16.  *Tent stakes are not permitted in Riverview Park.  Please use weights or screw-down dog stakes to secure your tent or display racks.  Regular stakes are not allowed.

17.  Please do not use the Customer parking areas.  See Show Chairman if you are unsure of where to park

Guidelines & Courtesies

SUNSHINE - If you know of an SRAC member who is sick or has had a loss in the family, please contact the Sunshine Chairman or someone on the Board to have a card sent or a phone call.

A HELPING HAND - If you are able, and there is a need, kindly help your neighbor if he/she has trouble setting up his/her displays or tent.

Offer to watch your neighbor's tent in cases of emergency or for a bathroom break.

In cases of unexpected inclement weather, if possible help your neighbor speed up his/her takedown if yours has already packed away.

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