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Instructor:    Jan Kawamoto Jamil


Time Slot: 



Phone:          703-477-1065


Class Titles: Sumi-e, Japanese Watercolor Painting,

  Brusho Crystal Inks, Nature Journaling,

  Loose Watercolor Flowers

Medium:       Watercolor

Level:            Beginning


Description of Sumi-e Class: 

Introduction to the basics of Asian style painting beginning with the classic Four Gentlemen – Bamboo, Plum Blossom, Ground Orchid, and Chrysanthemum. All levels are welcome to explore Asian sumi ink (the oldest form of watercolor), bamboo brushes and rice papers. With a minimum of brushstrokes and values, we hope to create a simple story about a moment in nature. 

Calligraphy and ink painting are thousands of years old and were used by Japanese monks, scholars, and warriors as a form of discipline, poetry and meditation. Ink wash painting and focus on brush technique can be relaxing and meditative in today’s hectic world. Even beginning painters will enjoy learning the way of the brush and the introduction to watercolors.

Sumi-e basics of brush technique, creating values, simplified composition, learning to control the amount of water and color are useful skills that can be applied to all water based painting mediums.


Sumi-e Suggested Supplies:       

Basic set of watercolor paints, paper towels, the recommended calligraphy brushes, 2 water containers, newsprint -9x12” or larger. Instructor will provide rice paper.

Contact instructor to request supply list and sources –


Brusho Basics Workshop Description:

Introduction  and invitation to play with intensely colored crystal ink powders. Instructor will demo 6 to 8 techniques and then turn you loose to explore/play.


Brusho Basics Suggested Supplies:


  • Foam Boards to tape papers to

  • Brusho & thumbtacks

  • Coffee stir sticks

  • Disposable gloves

  • Fine mist spray bottles

  • Large newsprint place mat

  • Little palette for powders

  • Masking tape

  • Old brushes (Brusho is highly staining)

  • Old brushes & brush pen

  • Paper towels

  • Set of watercolors

  • Water container

  • Watercolor Papers or Cards

  • Things to play with:

Stencils, stamps, molding paste, Tulip or Scribbles Acrylic Craft Squirt Paint- Black or Gold, markers, masking fluid, contact paper, Chinese ink, Pro White or Martins White Ink, bleach (50-70%) in small spray bottle or brush pen, White gel pen, plastic wrap, etc


Artists’ Statement: My goal as a teacher is to share my experiences, help my students discover the joy of painting, and to help others find beauty in nature. My personal work is exploratory water mediums and collage. My favorite themes are usually about a moment in nature where I share something discovered, something beautiful.


Bio/Education & Experience: 

BA in Art Education; more than 45 years experience teaching and facilitating people from 4 years to 80; formal training in technical illustration, fashion illustration, air brush, drawing, painting, photography, photo journalism, organizational change, meeting management, and facilitative leadership.

I work in water based mixed media, Sumi-e, watercolor, and acrylic. Memberships include Florida Watercolor Society (FWS), NorthWest Watercolor Society (NWWS), Sumi-e Society of America (SSA), Brevard Watercolor Society (BWS), Sebastian River Art Club (SRAC), and Camera Club of Brevard (CCB).


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Jan Kawamoto Jamil
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