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Teacher:​Jan Kawamoto Jamil

Days:​ Every other Thursday

Time Slot: 12:30-3:30


Email:  ​

Phone: ​703-477-1065

Artists’ Statement: My goal as a teacher is to share my experiences, and to help others find the beauty in our world.


Class Title: Sumi-e, Japanese Ink Painting

Medium: ​Ink and Watercolor

Level: ​Beginning



Introduction to the basics of Asian style painting with calligraphy brushes, black ink, watercolor, and rice papers.

Detail: Fall session begins with bamboo brush strokes review, painting grapes, and small birds.

1) Fall series continues with autumn leaves and pumpkins.

2) Fall series continues with painting rocks and herons.



Supplies should include watercolor paints, paper towels, the recommended calligraphy brushes, 2 water containers, ​newsprint -9x12” or larger

Contact instructor to request supply list and sources.


Bio/Education & Experience: 

BA in Art Education; more than 40 years experience teaching and facilitating ages 4 to 70; formal training in technical illustration, fashion illustration, air brush, drawing, painting, photography, photo journalism, organizational change, meeting management, and facilitative leadership.

I work in water based mixed media, Sumi-e, watercolor, and acrylic. Memberships include BWS, FWS, NWWS, Sumi-e Society of America, SRAC, and Camera Club of Brevard. I currently have two paintings in the show at Vero Beach Art Museum.


Jan Kawamoto Jamil
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