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Artists' Work

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Paintings are original unless otherwise stated. 

Theresa Prokop

SRAC Instructor - Acrylics

Sebastian, Florida

Telephone:   860-501-1393



Theresa Prokop is an award-winning and mostly self-taught artist who has developed her own techniques and distinct style over the years, and is proud to have been able to pass that knowledge on to others through her classes, demonstrations and videos. Theresa is a certified Bob Ross Instructor and a certified Grumbacher Instructor, and she has taught decorative painting classes and marketed her work throughout New England, and now Florida.  Her designs are featured in books, magazines, catalogs and retail stores, and her instructional videos are available on CD, with some instruction online on YouTube. 


Theresa's art is displayed in museums, businesses and homes all over the world, and her whimsical patterns are available on shirts and T-shirts, scarves, tote bags, duvet covers, cell phone jackets, pillows, all occasion cards and note pads, and in prints which are available on Fine Art America.  She has sold many works through E-bay, and her work can be viewed on the above website address, on ETSY Shop at "New England Folk Artist," and her more recent creations on Facebook at "Theresa Frappier Prokop."

Carol Percelle

Sebastian, FL



I majored in art at college but didn't paint again until I came to Sebastian in 2011.  Have since taken many classes, both in Sebastian and in Vero Beach.  Enjoy taking advantage of the very talented art community in this area.  This is the kind of instruction I have always wanted.

Mary Rahmig

Art Review Committee Chairman

Sebastian, FL


To me, watercolor represents tranquility and calmness. I began painting just on a strong desire to try my hand at watercolor with absolutely no prior training or experience. The results showed some natural talent, and at the urging of a very dear friend, I decided to join a small group of artists in my hometown.  I began painting under the watchful eye and guidance of Anthony Ventura, a well-known artist/teacher, who displayed his work across the Northeast.

Moving to Florida in 2000, and joining the Sebastian River Art Club in 2003, I have been fortunate to attend many art classes, offered through the Club, by talented members. Networking with so many talented artists in the club has certainly been an inspiration, and broadened my painting abilities. I paint for pleasure, and though I do show my work in various venues, I am always humbled when someone thinks enough of my work to want it to be a part of their life.

Kathleen Richter

SRAC Instructor - Painting Cats & Kittens in Acrylics

Sebastian, FL

Phone: 321-574-1242


My name is Kathleen G. Richter.  I have a passion for painting animals.  But I must say, cats seems to reach deep inside my soul for some reason.  I have had a strong compulsion to paint those cute little balls of fur ever since I was a little girl.  While I paint just about any animal alive, I paint cats at a ratio of five to one.  It’s a fact, I love painting cats.  I really think it’s their eyes.  When I look at a cat’s eyes, I see such intense color and nobility.  In my paintings, I like to accentuate the eyes because the eyes are what captivate and mesmerize.  I’ve painted panda bears, dogs, birds, etc., but by some strange unknown cosmic force, I’m asked to paint cats more than any other animal.  And I’m certainly not complaining.  People who want a painting of their cat seem to be drawn to me.  Of course, seeing my cat paintings at various venues could also be responsible for this phenomenon.  :-)  I’ve never seen a cat I didn’t want to paint.  I just love them!  My paintings have won the following: Two first place ribbons, a Judge’s Choice, and a third place.

My older brother was an incredible artist.  He was the one that nurtured my talent.  When I was still in preschool, my brother would teach me fundamental art skills.  I really looked up to him.  I simply adored him.  He spent so much time teaching me everything he knew.  I learned so much from him, and he made me thirst for more knowledge.  He sparked a passion in me for art that has burned brighter and brighter with every passing day.  He could not only create art with a paintbrush, but if you put a pencil in his hand, he could draw extremely detailed cartoons.  And because of him, I was the political cartoonist for my high school newspaper.  I was very fortunate to have a live-in art tutor.  Every time I put my brush to canvas, I think of him, and miss him dearly.

In 1958, when I was fourteen years old (living in Chicago), my grammar school (Hookway) gave me, and another girl, a summer scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago.  I was overjoyed!  I was going to attend a big-time, prestigious, art school.  Every Saturday morning I would spring out of bed -- bursting with excitement.  I would take a shower, rush through breakfast, and fly out of the front door on my way to the train station.  I don’t think my feet ever hit the ground the entire way there.  The always-on-time “L” train would come squealing to a halt, and I would bounce on board with the biggest smile on my face.  There I was, heading toward a place that did nothing but teach serious artists how to create serious art.  I was over the moon for that entire summer.  I didn’t want it to end.  I received a very solid foundation that I have been building on ever since.  Between my brother, and my time at the Art Institute, I felt like I was blessed to have been given such a huge, one-two punch when it comes to becoming an artist.  I feel very fortunate and thankful.

My family then moved to Long Island, New York.  I continued high school at Island Trees High School.  Naturally, one of my subjects was art.  I was always doing posters and murals for my school.  Due to the cartoonist skills my brother infused into my hands, I quickly became the political cartoonist for my high school newspaper.  That was a lot of fun.  Having students all around the school looking at my artwork was such a thrill.

My high school had an after-school art club.  Of course, I joined as soon as I became aware of its existence.  I never wanted to stop learning even for a second.  If there was a second art club, I would have joined that too.  I wanted to fill my day with as much art as humanly possible.

Growing up we moved a lot, and I did a lot of art work for each school that I attended.

When I graduated, I started working for the N.Y. Telephone company, “Ma Bell”, as a long distance operator.  When they learned about my artistic talent, I was instantly the go-to person for anything art related.  One of the most requested tasks was to paint large murals.  They didn’t need to ask me twice; I was thrilled to be given a huge ten-foot-tall piece of real-estate to let my imagination run wild on.  In my book, the bigger the better!  To this day, I love painting king-size, highly complex murals with lots of fine detail. 

After leaving the New York telephone company, I got married, and we moved to Florida.  Soon after arriving in Florida, I was hired as a switchboard receptionist for City Hall in Fort Myers, Florida.  And, of course, once my skill with a brush became known, I was once again handed painting supplies, and pointed in the direction of large glass partitions and windows that needed to be dressed up for various holidays and special events.

We moved to Sebastian, Florida, I worked for Walmart until I retired.  When I retired, I was itching to get back into painting in a serious way.  That’s when I discovered the Sebastian River Art Club.  The art club has been so much fun.  I used to wonder if I would ever be in a situation that would allow me to get back to the wonderful world of large-scale artwork.  I don’t have to wonder anymore because for the last four years I’ve been painting Christmas murals for the local library in Sebastian, Florida, thanks to the Sebastian River Art Club.  The club has also made it possible for me to pass on my lifetime of experience by teaching an art class twice a month (first and third Thursday).  I love seeing my students improve with each passing week.  I hope to be a member of the Sebastian River Art Club for however long I’m on earth.  I just love it!

Alice Russell

Sebastian, FL


Grace received her undergraduate degree in Biology, and later a Master's degree in education, so it has been said that she has a scientist's mind and an artist's temperament.  She loves the outdoors and enjoys capturing it in oils, especially local scenes.

Grace has retained a love of the Impressionists from art classes and workshops, and has read many books about their lives and work. In an effort to develop her skills, she has taken numerous classes at the Vero Beach Museum art school, as well as private classes, group classes, and workshops. 

Grace Amore Savage

Sebastian, FL

Donald Schuster

Sebastian, FL


Although dabbling in art for some time, it was not until my move to Sebastian did I decide to take a more serious approach to my art.  Born and raised in New Jersey, and a retired Ironworker, my wife Karen and I made the move to Florida in 2008, and have been moving forward ever since.  This area is abundant with so much to see and do that I could not wait to share its beauty through my art.

I express my art through oil, colored pencil and acrylics, but seem to have a love for watercolor.  The rich abundance of nature gives me ever endless choices to pick from.

Other interests include my membership and/or volunteer activities with the Sebastian River Art Club, the Vero Beach Art Club, the Indian River Photo Club and the Pelican Island Audubon Society.  I participate in many group shows indoors and out, and have received numerous awards for my work.  

Lee G. Smith

Vero Beach, FL


Norwood Stanhope

Sebastian, FL


Norwood Stanhope is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Chemical Engineering.   After retiring from the Refining Division of Marathon Oil Corporation, he  began taking painting lessons and has explored many painting mediums.  Norwood continues to refine his skills painting with friends at the Club in Open Studio and Art Classes.

Storey Trish.jpg

Trish Storey

Melbourne Beach, FL

I was born in New Jersey. Moved to Florida in 1988. I have been drawing and painting since I was around 9 years old. I became a professional artist 21 years ago when my wonderful sister suddenly died from ovarian cancer.  


I get my inspiration from many things. especially the ocean.  I would call my technique impressionistic, realism.

At this time, I own two galleries one in Indialantic Fl. And one in Vero Beach FL.

I do not just love to paint, I have to paint.

Storey - Sunset Lagoon.jpg
Storey - Eruption.jpg
Storey - Vero Beach Boardwalk 36 x
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