Sebastian River Art Club

Holiday Mural Created for North County Library


For the past 18 years, Sebastian River Art Club members Thelma Koopman, Kathleen Richter, Peni Baker and others have created beautiful Holiday murals at the North County Library.


This, the 19th year of the Art Club’s Holiday Presentation, is titled “Everyone’s Once Upon A Time” and has taken a new and unexpected approach.  Members Sheila Lougheed and Susan Lavender, the conceivers and primary creators of the display, make books living things in a fun and fascinating show---no matter what your age or interests may be, but especially appealing to children.

Sheila and Susan wanted to celebrate the magic that occurs through the eyes of a child when he turns the pages of a book.

In this year’s Holiday exhibit, books actually “come alive”.   Their pages “burst” with live characters jumping out of the pages. Children receive books, stories, folklore, and traditions from some of their favorite storybook heroes.

This has been a collaborative effort from Art Club members, who revisited their own innocence, joy and discovery through children’s books while constructing the village.

Members with a teaching background are developing age-appropriate questionnaires relating to the books.  For children, it will be like “Where’s Waldo?” -  but this will be based on “Can you find this character?” or “Do you see a book that you’ve read?”

“Everyone’s Once Upon a Time” captures the scope of diversity with a selection of tales evoking the wonder of literature conceptualized through art.

Visit the Holiday Exhibit at the North County Library on Sebastian Boulevard. It will be on display from October 28th through December 31st. It will be donated to the library in its entirety when the show ends.

Sebastian River Art Club, 1245 Main St., Sebastian, FL 32958

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