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Spring Fling
Spring Fling
Sebastian River Art Club
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Chinese Sumi Watercolor Painting Class

New Class at Sebastian River Art Club

Jan Jamil conducted a Chinese Sumi Watercolor Painting Class at the Sebastian River Art Club on January 19th, 2023.

If you are interested in attending and having great the same great results, contact the Sebastian River Art Club or Jan Jamil, jkjamil@verizon.net703-477-1065 to sign up.


Biography:  Jean C. Breeding
* Teacher
*  Professional photographer, specializing in weddings and glamour
*  Nature photographer
*  Artist
Jean’s journey as an artist began in photography, weddings and glamour.  Her home in the mountains and love of nature prompted her to pursue wildflower preservation.  She photographed many wildflowers, several on the endangered species list, and was chosen to judge photography contests.  Studying with several art teachers, she developed skills to apply nature and people on canvas.  Her experiences developed into a business, “Tranquil Nature.”  Many of her nature prints are displayed in businesses and institutions throughout Kentucky and Florida.
When invited to display her art she immediately thought, WOMEN of VALOR.  Women she has known, past and present.  Outstanding women of different ethnic backgrounds, careers, and possessing qualities of perseverance and determination.
All paintings are real people whose life stories exhibit strength, courage, and a strong desire not only to survive but thrive.  Their struggles include a rainbow of sicknesses, abuse, rejection, and loss of children.
This show is a tribute representing all women everywhere who are endowed with traits of courage, strength, honor, compassion, forgiveness, and love.  I salute women as they orchestrate their mission in life with heroism and dignity.
Welcome to WOMEN of VALOR

Spring Fling
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