Sebastian River Art Club, Sebastian, Florida

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Artists' Works

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Paintings are original unless otherwise stated.  Artist will indicate if prints of that painting is available.  

Jean Archibald

SRAC Instructor - Watercolors


Phone: 321-725-1537


My paintings career started when I was about 12.  As I always loved drawing and painting as a young girl, I continued with drawing in pencil when I was in my 20s and 30s.  Then one day I though that I needed to add color to my black and white pictures so thus my career in watercolor painting began.  I had no formal lessons but did paint along for fun with friends exchanging criticisms which helped perfect my style.  Most of my works of interest are New England subjects but have now started painting a bit of Florida.  I have sold paintings and was part of a gallery in Connecticut.  I also am a past member of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society.

Judith Bairstow

Director and

Membership Chairman


Telephone:  772-589-1688


Peni Baker


Phone:  772-388-0415


I was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and after spending some time in Texas and Virginia, I settled in the beautiful little coastal village of Sebastian, Florida where I now am active, busy and happy.


My creativity revealed itself when I was old enough to hold crayons in my hands. As a small child,  I was awestruck by “Paint by Numbers” kits.  When I was fortunate enough to receive one, I wanted to just crawl up inside that canvas and paint for eternity.   Currently I spend most of my time painting or making my youtube painting videos and trying to fine tune my blog and my new “Do it yourself” website.  I have enjoyed creating successful paintings thrughout my entire life.  I am very active in the Sebastian River Art Club.


Today I think I am striking a happy medium in my artwork.  As a strong and independent woman, I am sometimes a little too serious, and I also have a silly, frivolous side that I believe reveals itself well in my realistic and spirited paintings.


I am adventurous and I am excited to see in what direction my painting talent will lead me .

Carol Bennett

S.R.A.C. Historian


Telephone:  772-202-7289 


I was born and raised in Connecticut - Norwalk, Silvermine, Brookfield, and I enjoyed some wondrful relaxing times at the Shore in Old Lymne when we had our cottage there.  I am married, have two grown sons and one grandson that still remain in Connecticut.  However winters were no longer fun for this working girl, so when we had the chance my husband Edward and I moved to warm, sunny Florida and built our home in Vero Beach on the Barrier Island.  We now live in Sebastian, and we love our 55+ community.

I never thought that I had a lick of talent, but enjoyed taking lots and lots of photographs as we traveled in our motor home.  I joined the Indian River Photo Club and two of my photographs were hung in the Vero Beach Museum at one of their annual shows.  I later won ribbons at the Treasure Coast Women's Club District Ten Arts Festival.  I turned some of those wonderful pictures into note cards and enjoyed selling them or just sending them to friends.

I wanted to create my own artwork and so took a course at our local library, and found out that I could draw.  Well, from there a new world opened up for me ... I tried my hand at watercolor and acrylic painting, and enjoyed doing little projects like Christmas Cards and such.  In 2015 I discovered the Sebastian River Art Club and signed up for an acrylic class.  Here I discovered some very talented artists ... and some newbies like me.  We all enjoyed working side by side as we paint or take a class.  It's been a wonderful journey, and I know I still have a few more hills to climb and that makes me very excited as I learn more and more about myself and this wonderful art journey I am on.

Vicki Beyer

Barefoot Bay

Telephone: 646-990-7935


I grew up the third of eight children in a rural area of Michigan, and knew at an early age that I wanted to be an artist.  I loved being out in nature, sketching, painting and breathing in the atmosphere and rich colors of my rural surroundings. To me, art is a passionate language that does not rely on words, but is able to speak to each of us in a different way.


I have studied at Kalamazoo Art Institute, Kellogg Community College as well as multiple art workshops. Over the years I have won a variety of awards in juried shows, sold my work thru galleries and art fairs in Michigan and Florida, having work in private as well as corporate collections.


Currently my husband and I live in Michigan during the summer months and Florida during the winter. I am a member of the Vero Beach Art Club, Sebastian River Art Club, and Barefoot Bay Artist Guild.

Brooks Brown

Sebastian, Florida

Phone: 480-984-3045  ~  E-mail:

Brooks spent his childhood and adult working life in New Jersey.  He began his art interests dabbling in clay sculpting and stained glass.  Upon his retirement, and moving to Arizona, he began a more serious pursuit of art, establishing a foundation in oil under the training of Jim Strong Studio in Scottsdale.

He has been a Studio Member with Artist League of the Sandhills in North Carolina, and a Blue Ribbon winner at the Leesburg Art Association Art Show, Florida.  His work has been featured in galleries in Southern Pinesand Aberdeen, North Carolina, as well as the Sandhill Gallery in Gouldsboro, PA.

His instinct is to provide the realistic representation of the subject matter usually derived from multiple sources.  His use of colors reinforces the strength of presentation for the viewer's pleasure.

Beve Bruffey

SRAC Instructor - Acrylics

Sebastian, Florida

Phone:  772-581-4259


Carey Calame


Telephone: 732-674-3883


Carey Caleme found enjoyment in the arts all during her younger years, and while in high school she was asked to become an Assistant Teacher in the Township Elementary Summer Art Program.  Following that, she spent a summer in Versailles, France as an Exchange Student.  Carey studied Commercial Art and Art Education at Parsons College in Fairfield, Iowa, where her art thrived in gallery and private shows.


Upon moving to New Jersey, Carey became a substitute teacher, a position which included art classes teaching different levels of students.  Following that, family and career took up most of her time.

Now retired, Carey finds time to travel and to pursue her passion in the arts. Her life as an artist has enriched her sense of nature—its beauty and bountiful colors, light and shadows, and the skills it takes to capture all that onto the canvas.  Her recent commissions have included work in acrylics, copper and stained glass. Carey and her husband Bill split their time between Sebastian and North Carolina, where she is also involved in the arts.

Trudi Ciccoricco

SRAC Instructor - Watercolors


I am a science teacher from Syracuse, NY. When I retired five years ago, I needed something to do in my spare time, so I decided to paint. The last art class I took was when I was in 8th grade, yet the challenge of starting something new excited my need for growth. So, I bought some cheap acrylic paints and found scrap pieces of wood and began painting beach scenes. Last year a retired colleague of mine suggested that I try watercolor painting. Her patience overtook my stubborn reluctance. I bought a Windsor Newton travel set of half pans at Michael's,  and I haven’t turned back. I paint 3-4 times a week and watch a lot of YouTube watercolor painting videos. Below is a glimpse of this 16 month journey.

Tony Cipriani

Sebastian, Florida / Connecticut

Phone:  860-690-4382 


Tony Cipriani demonstrated some artistic skill growing up: it was exhibited as doodling, often resulting with a whack of a ruler to the hand for daydreaming in class.  Once in college he took a few art classes for extra credits where he discovered he had talent.  However given that fellow students were far more skilled/studied, he decided best employ other skills to make a decent living: art could be pursued as a passion if/when he made it to retirement.  And so the story goes.


Tony works in a variety of media including pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and encaustics.  His primary influences are color, nature/the environment, movement/flexibility, freedom of expression, and continued growth.  His work has shown and hangs in homes in Vero, Sebastian, Barefoot Bay, Ft. Lauderdale, MA, RI, and CT.

Born into an artistic family, I was always surrounded by art, music and dance.  I love being around other artists, as we always learn from each other.  But most of all like to inspire others to express themselves, as art makes life worth living.  

Kathleen Costa


Telephone:  772-913-4790


Peter Coe

Vero Beach

Telephone:  772-464-6712

Edie Dawson


Telephone: 772-388-5023


Edie Dawson harbored a love for art since studying it for four years in high school; but this passion was put on hold during her years in the work world and raising a family.  Upon retirement, and moving the Sebastian, she joined the Sebastian River Art Club in 2014 and began taking classes in watercolor and acrylics at the club and at various other art venues in the region.

Once again, Edie's passion blossomed and she continues to increase and expand her painting skills through practice and taking art classes when time permits.  She has studied under Fits Van Eeden, Bob Virelli, Judy Burgarella and Lori McNamara.  Edie's new interest is in palette-knife painting, which gives her an outlet to express her flair for bold color and form, and she has been sharing her love of fabrics and patterns through her classes in Fabric Art, which she teaches periodically at the Sebastian River Art Club.

Edie Dawson's work can be seen in the Sebastian River Art Club's "Art Around town " Venues.

Skip Desrosiers


Telephone:  860-377-4144


I was born & raised in southeastern Massachusetts, USMC & Viet Nam Vet. I studied Marketing & Advertising at Sangamon State in Illinois, basic photography & darkroom at Connecticut Institute of Art & Design, and have a minor (professional certificate) in Occupational Health & Safety Management from UConn. I retired from Pratt & Whitney after 26 yrs. as a mechanic in Research & Development. I was very active in my Connecticut community as a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT, Knights of Columbus, and several veteran’s groups.

I have been an avid photography hobbyist since 1980. I have sold images (digital and print) as family portraits and children’s sports, to collectors for inventory cataloging, and small businesses for their marketing/advertising, product promotion, & other business needs.  I enjoy all types of photography, but especially enjoy close-ups with a very narrow depth of field.  I am starting to dabble (fight) with a massive beast called “PhotoShop”. It does everything it took days to do in a film darkroom in a matter of minutes. (IF you know what you are doing) Rule #1 NEVER EVER make changes to the “original and only” copy of an image.


I look forward to my new neighborhood, meeting and working with the members of Sebastian River Art Club, and especially exploring all the nooks & crannies of the shoreline & inland wetlands with cameras & lenses in tow. I am working on my website and plan to be back on line in the fall of 2017.  My photos are available as wall art (printed on canvas or traditional photo paper), as greeting cards, or printed on gift items (tote bags – T shirts – mugs etc.).

Marie DiCataldo


Telephone:  772-713-1051


Ann Emery


Phone:  772-589-6019


Coloring, drawing and sketching has always been my pastime as far back as I can remember … and then came Paint! I had done some Watercolors and Acrylics, but when I was given an oil painting kit as a gift, it became my favorite medium.


During all my years working in an office, I still found time at home to dabble with my painting. Then in the mid-1970’s I became really serious about my art and began reading books and watching art shows on television, and I joined the Southern Oregon Society of Artists. I attended every demonstration and art class offered by visiting artists to learn and grow my skills. I began to display my work and began to sell--what a thrill! I later moved to California and joined the Alameda Art Association where I became very active and served as Treasurer for four years, in addition to working full time in an office.


I then moved to Phoenix Arizona, and for while put up with the heat outside and the smell of oil paints inside, but after a few years gave that up and didn't use oil for another six years. Now residing in Florida, I am back to painting in oil again. But now I am enjoying it even more, as I am retired and have more time to devote to the art of painting and learning and developing my ability.


I primarily paint landscapes and still life, but recently have begun to paint portraits and pets. I love to paint scenes of mountains and desert landscapes, however because I am now in the land of palm trees , ocean and rivers, I am enjoying painting tropical landscapes and wildlife. My paintings reside in homes in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Florida.