Sebastian River Art Club

Located in the beautiful City of Sebastian, Florida

The Sebastian River Art Club is a 501(c)(3) organization with over 150 members of diverse mediums who exhibit their works at local venues and within our own gallery space here in the Art Center.  


Members actively participate on committees, working towards the benefit of the Club and the community, in addition to enjoying the benefits of painting and learning with others during our classes and open studio painting.

Hours: Gallery every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm.

New Class Schedule, additional classes added Monday through Saturday.  See "Art Classes" Tab.


Sebastian River art Club

1245 Main Street

Sebastian, Florida 32958

Directions:  from US Hwy 1 turn west onto Main Street, drive over the railroad tracks and the SRAC Art Center is on the right side at the end of the City Hall campus.  There is an "Art Center" sign on the front of the building and on a monument sign out front.

TELEPHONE: 772-571-6632



FACEBOOK: Gallery, Sebastian River Art Club


President's Musings 2020 and Beyond

As we begin a new decade, SRAC is in excellent position to move forward, which is political speak meaning our club is going to get gooder and gooder!  I see us becoming more interconnected with other non-profits; forging symbiotic relationships with organizations like Pelican Island Preservation Society, Sebastian Fine Art and Music Festival, Brevard Cultural Alliance, and the King Center to name a few.  We already have many fine venues for public display of our art work like City Hall, North County Library, Sebastian Hospital, Riverview Coffee, Tea & Books, Crab-E-Bills and more.  As our Gallery becomes better known in our community, we will be able to sell more of our members’ work in house.  We can also plan to have well known artists like Frits Van Eden, come for an event that features his awesome work.


We have the tools to really shine as a vibrant club and a welcoming beacon to those who value the arts here on the Treasure Coast.  What are those tools you ask?  YOU Are!  Each member artist that contributes their time and talents to SRAC is a vital part of our organization.  As each club member chooses a committee and lends a hand, the work gets easier for us all.  We have no requirement for endless hours of volunteer work before showing your work.  We have no limits on how many artists can set up in Riverview Park.  We do, however, have some requirements which are not burdensome.  First and foremost, we are an ART Club and your work must meet a certain standard.  You must get your work juried in.  Our jury committee meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month after our business meeting.  Second, you must apply for a Florida Sales tax certificate if you plan to sell your work.  For our club to avoid any liability issues with the City or State, this is imperative.  The process is relatively simple and has no cost.  Simply go on line to the Florida Dept of Revenue website and follow the prompts or call Tallahassee, and they will send you out a DR 1 form, or you can go to the local office in Ft. Pierce and come home with one the same day!  Third, simply sign up for the venues where you wish to display your work.  If it is at a location like City Hall or the Hospital, you will bring your work on the day of the change out.  If you want to show your art work in Riverview Park, just sign up for the show and come early, around 7:30 am to set up your own tent, or display rack.  If you have no way of displaying your work, the club has A frames and display racks for as little as $10 to rent.


As always, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, club members are encouraged to come in and socialize and paint with other members in the community room.  Classes are over at noon, so please don’t come early as the teachers need the room in the mornings.  Speaking of classes, we have classes galore to learn new techniques with watercolors, acrylics or mixed media.  Great classes, Great teachers and only $15.00 for club members!  It just gets gooder and gooder!  


Here’s to a Stress Free Prosperous New Year for the Sebastian River Art Club now entering our 83rd Year!

Richard Gillmor

President, SRAC

Executive Committee

Richard Gillmor, President, 772-918-3148

Donna Ware, Vice President - 757-999-0331

Vicky Lada, Treasurer - 772-584-1465

Darlene Kratovel, Secretary- 717-825-3536

Kathy Gingras, Director - 772-321-4162

Christine Rosenberg, Director - 772-202-7372

Suze Lavendar, Director, 772-643-3840

Judy McNamara, Past President - 321-258-0987


Committee Chairs

Art Around Town - Chair, Donna Ware, 757-999-0331

  Bookstore - Donna Ware, 757-999-0331

  City Hall - Chair, Carol Bennett, 772-202-7289

  Dr. Davilla's Office, Chair, Richard Gillmor, 7729183148

  North County Library, Chair, Roy Woodall, 772-581-5777

  Sebastian Coffee, Tea, and Books, Chair, Donna Ware, 757-999-0331

  Sebastian Chamber of Commerce, Chair, Vicky Lada, 772-584-1465

  Sebastian River Medical Center, Chair, Donna Ware, 757-999-0331

  Wil's Family Dentistry, Chair, Donna Ware, 757-999-0331

​Art By The River - Ken Taber - 715-892-9039

Art Center - Sheila Lougheed - 203-648-3138

Art Classes - Judy McNamara 321-258-0987

Art Review - Mary Rahmig - 772-388-2547

​Calling Committee - Kathleen Richter - 321-574-1242

​​Historian   ***POSITION OPEN***

Library (SRAC) - John Houghton - 603-558-1750

Little Gems - Kathy Gingras - 772-321- 4162

Membership - Ardith Hale - 772-589-0366

Newsletter - Mary Rahmig - 772-388-2547

Publicity - Karen Lehner - 772-643-5504

Scholarships - Michelle Henry 772-581-9979

​Sunshine - Jean Archibald - 321-725-1537

Volunteer Coordinator - Maureen Fitzpatrick - 772-664-1186

Website - Vicki Graham 307-631-6884

Celebrating our 83rd Year

The Sebastian River Art Club was formed in 1937 by a group of local artists.  The group had been very progressive since its inception, enriching the community and its residents with the beauty of its fine art, and contributing to cultural and civic projects and events.  In 1972 part of the existing group formed what is now called the Sebastian River Art Club, duly recognized by the city of Sebastian.  In 2010 the Club moved into our present-day facility, adding the Art Center to its list offered amenities.  In 2016 the Club acquired its 501(c)3 non-profit status.  

The Sebastian River Art Club currently serves the community and its members through education, exhibitions, social events, special programs, an art gallery and monthly meetings.

Rosalee Taylor Hume

Over the years the Club has donated its talents and treasure to the community in many ways, and continues to increase its philanthropy, a partial list of which can be found under the "Home" tab.  The Club has grown many fine artists, with its most treasured being a founding member, Rosalee Taylor Hume, whose bronze sculpture of Paul Kroegel is positioned overlooking the Lagoon with his beloved pelicans perched at his feet.  Kroegel was hired in the early 1900's as the first national widlife refuge manager, and had a special appreciation for the area's pelicans.

SRAC's largest fundraising effort is the Rosalee Taylor Hume Scholarship Fund, awarding two $1,000 scholarships each year in memory of Rosalee.


More information about Hume can be found in the SRAC Art Center.

Paul Kroegel bronze statue 

by Rosalee Taylor Hume


You can join the Sebastian river Art Club any time of year, however if you join after August your membership will roll over into the next year.  General membership is $35, and other membership levels are listed on the SRAC Membership Application.  Visit the "Membership" tab of this website and read about all the features and benefits of becoming a member of the Sebastian River Art Club.  An application can be found under that tab also, or stop by the Art Center and pick one up.


  • Board Meetings are held about a week before the Business Meetings.  

  • Business meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month from September to May, 10:00 a.m. and usually last for 1 to 2 hours.  Beverages are available. 

  • Members are encouraged to bring canned goods to each meeting, which is later brought to the Ecumenical Council Food Pantry.

  • Committee meetings are scheduled year-round as needed, and are usually held in the Art Center.

  • Business Meeting Minutes are sent to members via e-mail each month, and posted on the bulletin board in the Club's kitchen for those without e-mail accounts.

​​Professional Affiliations

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