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Summer 2023 SRAC Workshops

"Make, Take & Swap Collage Papers"
Jan Jamil    703-477-1065
Tuesday May 30, 9am - 12
*Supplies for handmade Collage Papers: water container, brushes, acrylics, permanent inks, markers, stamps & waterproof ink pad, sponges, stencils, found objects, plastic wrap, a brayer, papers (tissue, gift wrap, scrapbooking, printer/copy, mixed media paper) etc - think creative!

Beginners Jewelry Making
Grace Cormier
Text:  386-631-5139
Thursday, June 1,  12:30 – 3 pm
You will learn how to make basic jump ring, bead loop, 5 hook, wrapped bead loop, head pins, coils, French ear wires and round ear wires.  We will talk about differences of wire gauge and thickness and which wire is best for your jewelry project.  I will provide information pamphlet.
To bring:  There are basic jewelry t
ools required and if you do not have any you can purchase a kit at Walmart for around $10 - $15.
You can also use my tools, but I have only limited amount.


Color Theory
Tuesday, June 6th from 1-4pm
Joseph Wade and Lolly Walton
“Color Theory” Class scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th.  1-4pm.  It will be given by Joseph Wade, fellow friend and artist.  
“What you always wanted to know about Color Theory, but didn’t know who to ask” 
Joe will have a hand-out and a demo prepared. 
All SRAC members are invited to attend.  $15.00 per student.  Joe will have a hand-out and a demo prepared. 
Questions, pls call me.    Lolly Walton   321-652-7115 

“Japanese Sumi-e Ink Painting”
Tuesday, June 13, 9am-12
Jan Jamil    703-477-1065
Introduction to ground orchid, grasses and dragonfly.
*Students need to bring watercolors, paper towels, 2 water containers, calligraphy brushes if they already have them. Instructor will provide sumi ink, papers, newsprint for practicing strokes, mixing plates, and brushes if needed.
Exploring Brusho    703-477-1065
Tuesday, June 20  9 to noon
*Supplies for Brusho: watercolor or mixed media papers, water container, fine misting bottle, watercolors, gel pens, markers, old brushes, paper towels, masking fluid,  disposable gloves.
If you have them:  Brusho powders, stamps and stencils, ink for stamps,
Beginners Textile Art
Grace Cormier
Text:  386-631-5139
Thursday, June 22   12:30 – 3pm
This class requires basic knowledge of hand stich and working with thread and needle.
If not then I will teach you
You will learn different techniques of textile/fiber art.
How to dye fabric naturally and traditional way
What materials to use and you will also learn many types of stitching.
To Bring:  Needles and different colors of thread, small pieces of fabric (some patterned but mostly solid colors).  They can be from old clothes, pillow cases or any scraps of fabric you can get.  Buttons or zippers for decorations.  Bring also a piece of thicker fabric to use as a base (your “canvas”)  It  can be a sheet of felt or wool fabric from y our old jacket.  *” x 11” or larger.  This will be the size of your art piece.  No worries if you don’t have one.  I will have extra.

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