2020 SRAC Art Classes/Workshops

From the President's Desk

As we go into the 54th day of Shelter in Place, “staying safe”, a few thoughts.  It’s hard to imagine that something so small, a Nouveaux Virus from China, could cause such World Wide pandemonium death and destruction! 


For most of Floridians, the opening up of businesses may lead back to a semi normal life.  For most of our members, however, who are “age challenged” being on the north side of middle age, the prospects for a more normal life won’t come so quickly. 


We are supposed to stay hunkered down at least until stage 3 of our Governors plan is implemented.  Florida has done a pretty good job of managing this pandemic, especially compared to states like  New York, New Jersey and Michigan.   But with the loss of mobility and the loss of our freedom to mix and mingle,comes a sense of loss which can lead to depression. 


Judy celebrated her birthday last week with a zoom meeting with our daughter and her family from Dallas.  For about 20 minutes things seemed almost normal as we could see and speak to them in their family room 1200 miles away on our I pad.

Going forward we will recover and things will get better as this awful virus burns itself out.  Until the all clear is given, we all must be vigilant in observing some simple rules.  #1. Outside is better than inside if you are around people. #2 Wearing a mask when around other people keeps you and them safe.  #3 Social distancing will remain with us for a while and hand shaking, hugging, etc. will probably go away for the foreseeable future.


That said, we are anticipating opening up the Art Center on a limited basis in June.  For our “grand opening” we’d like to invite our members to participate in an Art Show called “Beauty From Ashes”.  A show made up of work created while you were locked down because of this virus. 


Submit up to 3 professional quality jpeg images of work you created in the last few months.  We will pick two to be in the show. 


If you are currently in the area you may bring the two that are selected to the Art Center on May 28th (by appointment only) and they will hang in the gallery until September.  We will post all images on our website as well! 


Please include the following information with your jpeg images:

  • Your name

  • Name of the piece

  • Media type

  • Size

  • Price

  • Your contact information (phone number or e-mail address)

There will be no charge for the entries, but please price in a 20% donation in case of a sale to help the art club,10% and the food bank,10%.  E-Mail all images to Sheila at canvasdancer319@gmail.com.  For any other information contact Richard at 772- 918-3148 or Donna at 757- 999-0331

Free Drawing Tutorials by Strathmore




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How to Draw Portraits
Instructor: Justin Maas

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They are self-paced and after a video lesson is released it remains open until December 31, 2020.

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